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Profile ///

DevOps engineer involved mainly in telecommunication projects for almost 20 years. Wide experience and understanding of IT and telecommunication technology. Developing various applications, from enterprise applications to shell scripts. Providing end-to-end production support for Enterprise Applications. Strong experience with Incident Management, Problem Management, Service Availability Management, and Change Management. Worked in different roles with various mobile operators and vendors in international teams. Excellent investigative and analytical capabilities even under pressure. Ability to automate and re-engineer the processes using a wide variety of open source technologies and tools.

Work experience ///

Vip mobile d.o.o.

Vip mobile d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia

Business System Support (BSS) Specialist

April 2017 – present

  • Project management and Leading to most complex projects that affect BSS & Digital Services Department and NIO sector
  • Approve BSS related processes and procedures
  • Permanent improvement of processes to ensure the highest efficiency of operation processes
  • Support OneBSS Project execution in 2017/8

Team leader – Backend services (EAI team), BSS

Jun 2015 – April 2017

  • Leading Backend Services operation team inside BSS & Digital Services Department, composed of BSS specialists and support engineers and managing and coordinating their tasks and activities
  • Participate in Change Advisory Board for changes over the BSS landscape and act as a Change Manager within the established process
  • Responsible for coordinating and managing of the proper Change Management processes
  • Continuous communication with business stake holders, vendors/integrators of respective systems regarding reported incidents, problems and new functional requests – changes and configurations
  • Assure regular reporting of the team performance( assure intermediate reporting in extraordinary situations or degradation of performances to upper management levels) thru Ticketing Tools in order to ensure SLAs are met
  • Responsible for planning BSS Budget - operations and maintenance - covering the Backend Services environment. Achieved to cut down yearly OPEX on our team by 25% through consolidating vendors on two markets
  • Managed to create functional multicultural team capable of overseeing whole cluster (VIP Mobile d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia and Si.Mobile, Ljubljana, Slovenia

BSS Expert – EAI team, BSS

Oct 2014 – Jun 2015

  • Carry full responsibility for the TIBCO applications proper work
  • VAS services operational responsibility
  • Ensure provisioning and orchestrating systems are up 99.99% of time

BSS Expert – Prepaid team, BSS

Jul 2013 – Oct 2014

  • Carry full responsibility for the Orga OPSC prepaid system's proper work
  • Ensure all KPIs in the SLAs with the business units are met
  • Plan changes on the system targeted to improve system performance and operational manageability



Solution integration, developer, Tunis, Tunisia

Apr 2012 – Dec 2012

  • Integrating VPN node to OSS and billing systems (EMM consolidation)
  • Resolving CSR for CDR push tool on VPN node
  • Developing SV for E2E provisioning involving HLR and VPN node provisioning
  • Preforming test cases and function tests for VPN SV

Services professional, developer, Plano, Texas, USA

Jan 2011 – Mar 2012

  • Developing customized orchestrated provisioning solution (Subscriber View) in Ericsson MA SDK for Ericsson HSS, SLF, Service Enablement and new multi-vendor network element business logic, network logic and Java link. Deploying locally and remotely developed solution
  • Developing XSLT for translation from SOAP request to MA CAI3G
  • Writing project documentation, solution description, user and administrative guide and acceptance test cases scenarios
  • Creating and executing acceptance test cases and functional test cases

Telecommunication company

Telecommunication company "Telekom Srbija", Belgrade, Serbia

Solution architect, developer

Oct 2008 – Dec 2010

Project manager – NSN eVoucher system
  • Migration of 3rd party transaction centers (companies) to new NSN eVoucher system
  • Single point of contact throughout the project between external PM and internal teams from different departments
  • Leading technical team of four. Responsible for writing T-SQL procedures, scripts and schedule DB jobs for specific requests
  • Monthly revenue for the NSN eVoucher system was about 10M Euro
Enterprise software architect – provisioning system
  • Developing postpaid and business subscriber provisioning solution using Oracle procedures and shell scripts. Subscribers are provisioned towards Ericsson HLR, IN/VPN service, NSN c@o prepaid service, VAS mPayment platform (customized LDAP node), SMSC and other network nodes.
  • Solution is used by customer care, sails and technical departments.
  • More than 50.000 requests were sent using this solution in first month of production.
  • Involved in full software development life cycle from planing through implementation, testing and writing documentation to deployment and maintenance.
Solution architect – 3G promotional streaming
  • Solution was developed in coordination with 3rd party company and few internal departments (including marketing, customer care, sails and IT).
  • More than 10.000 postpaid and 200.000 prepaid subscribers used 3G streaming package in promotional period (two months)
Solution architect – Web shop and phone book application
  • Building database model, php scripts and customized CMS system. Both web shop and phone book is still in use (over 4 years)
Operation and maintenance
  • Upgrade of Ericsson IN/VPN service, integration of SS7 configuration. Regression and acceptance tests. Writing SyBase SQL procedures on ADM node for reporting
  • Upgrade of NSN c@o prepaid service, running acceptance and regression tests on CORBA charging service node, integration with VAS platform
  • Administrating Oracle DB and billing system BSCS. Integration with EMC storage. Executing billing procedures
  • Administrating Ericsson VPN/IN node
  • Billing system migration responsible, developing migration PL/SQL scripts. Migrated over 1.200.000 postpaid and business subscribers.


Ericsson, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

VPN Operation and maintenance engineer

May 2008 – Oct 2008

  • Administrating Ericsson IN/VPN node, problem analysis and emergency handling. SS7 configuration changes. Data mining in MySQL for logs and events
  • Knowledge transfer to CLARO operator employees

Telecommunication company

Telecommunication company "Telekom Srbija", Belgrade, Serbia

VPN Operation and maintenance engineer

Apr 2007 – May 2008


Ericsson Telecom Romanian S.R.L., Romania

VPN/IN provisioning engineer

Mar 2007 - Apr 2007

  • Creating business process model for provisioning subscribers on Ericsson VPN 3.0
  • Achieved to put service in production sooner than expected with less network transaction between billing system and VPN platform from original plan


Ericsson s.a, Douala, Cameroon

TSP engineer

Nov 2006 - Feb 2007

  • Administrating Ericsson PSL/IN node
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Knowledge transfer to MTN operator employees

Telecommunication company

Telecommunication company "Telekom Srbija", Belgrade, Serbia

VPN Operation and maintenance engineer

Mar 1999 – Nov 2006

  • Developer of IS and consultant for web site development for Ministry of Education of Serbia. This IS is still in use
  • Project leader and developer of internal National telecommunication regulatory agency web site
  • Project leader and developer for totalk.com web system project

Technical skills ///

Expert Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Expert Database (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IncoreDatabase, noSQL, MongoDB)

Expert Billing Systems (ORGA OPSC, Ericsson CBiO, BSCS, ADX, NSN Charge@once)

Expert Tibco ActiveMatrix/Business Works

Expert IN services (Ericsson CS, INS/TSP VPN)

Expert Provisioning (Ericsson Multi Activation - EMA)

Expert mPayment & Voucher system (NokiaSiemensNetworks eVoucher)

Languages ///

fluent English
basic German
basic Spanish
mother tongue Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian

Education ///

Electrical engineer for computer technology – equivalent to 180 ECTS
at Advanced School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia – 2004